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Healdsburg Blue has proven themselves time and time again. Their fast turnaround, quality of work, and reasonable prices are simply incredible. Their communication is flawless and each challenge we have placed before them has been met with perfection and a positive attitude. The staff has always come through for me, even on extremely tight timelines. Their diverse computer skills for adapting to existing plan sets that meet my needs are exemplary.

In short, Healdsburg Blue goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Healdsburg Blue!
— Robin Guilfoyle | Owner, RobinWood Construction & Landscape

Grant and I really appreciate the convenience of Healdsburg Blue. We both live and work in Healdsburg and cannot imagine driving out of the area for blueprint services. They are always so helpful and immediately accommodating to all of our requests. The prints that we receive are always top quality and it’s such a pleasure to do business with people who appreciate it.
— Margaret Baumgratz | Baumgratz Garden Design and Planning

Jarome at Healdsburg Blue has at times been the extra employee who I need, but don’t have. I am able to drop something off to him with instructions about what I need, and know confidently that it will be done properly and on time. If there ever has been a problem, he has called me direct immediately so that we could figure out solutions to keep the project moving along. In the few cases where I drove to their Santa Rosa office, Digital Prints and Imaging, I’ve also been happy with their customer service. DPI and Healdsburg Blue really strive to go the extra mile with their customer service and effort. That’s so important when deadlines are involved.

Thanks DPI and Healdsburg Blue, and keep up the good work!
— Debra Ernst | Done Rite Plumbing, Inc.

I wanted to let you know how much we count on you for your prompt service. We are very happy with the convenience of communicating by email and through your phone followup when we sometimes send confusing instructions (or forget the attachment)!

Service is what it’s all about, and you are right on top of it.

— Jim Crabtree | Crabtree Land Surveying

I don’t know what we would do without Healdsburg Blue in town to assist with our drawing production and color imaging. From the quick scan of a plan while on the run, to a presentation, a stack of well-produced bound drawing sets, or the high-quality digital printing of our glamour garden shots, Healdsburg Blue is always there for us, providing modern tech-savvy support right here in our small town. The staff is also fantastic and makes stopping by for pick-up a nice moment during our busy days. On top of all of this, they have a philanthropic heart and have provided many discounts on the pro-bono projects we undertake for local organizations and schools.
— Lucas & Lucas

The service at Healdsburg Blue is stellar! They are always friendly, professional, courteous, prompt, accurate, and helpful. Whenever we’ve asked for a rush job, they have impressed us with immediate service. They have gone so far as to open early or stay late to accommodate our document dropoffs and pickups. The staff asks leading questions to clarify potential print problems so that everything works smoothly. I’ve even asked them to open zipped files sent to me by customers and then convert them to PDF or another format that I can read, and email them back to me for review. The quality of their scanning and large-format printing services are top notch and we highly recommend them!
— Lynne Mowry | Advertising/Executive Healdsburg Lumber Company

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding service that you have provided at the Healdsburg office. I appreciate your attention to detail it has saved me time and money. I also appreciate the timeliness of the jobs. In my business, timing is everything!

— Guadalupe S. Chavarria | PE, QSD/QSP

Thank you so much for getting the plans for Midtowne Healdsburg out on such a short timeframe. We really appreciate the fact that you’re willing to get the job done, and work with us on the price. Your staff is a pleasure to work with.
— Cort Munselle | P.E. Munselle Civil Engineering